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This is the demo for 'Ambition: A Minuet in Power', a game that is currently in development.

A revolutionary, romantic, rogue-lite visual novel where your choices change the course of history!

It’s March 19th, 1789 and King Louis XVI rules over France from the gilded halls of Versailles. France is a country of elegance and poverty, of ancient tradition and unstoppable change. It is a country on the brink of revolution.

Attend parties, mingle with the rich and powerful, learn their secrets, and use this to get the wealth and power you deserve. Find true love in an opulent world of ever-shifting alliances, that grows more dangerous by the day.

Still, you must always keep your eye on the coming revolution. After all, it’s better to be on the right side of history, than the wrong side of the guillotine.

Glamorous Parties

Explore a massive variety of procedurally generated parties. Charm guests with your witty remarks, collect scandalous gossip, and use your fellow party goers as stepping stones to meet the truly important people.

Love Is Power

Ensnare the hearts of Parisian nobles and use their influence to your advantage. Change the outcome of political events, snub your rivals, and be lavished with expensive gifts.

A Cast Of Unforgettable Characters

Fall in love with a sprawling cast of fully realized characters. Enjoy the company and learn the secret histories of mysterious priests, wronged soldiers, wealthy widows, and more! Don’t worry, if you’re discreet, you won’t have to pick just one.

An Exquisite Work Of Art

Experience a gorgeously illustrated, and lovingly researched rendition of 18th century Paris. It is a time of fashion, and a time of secrecy. It is a world of staggering beauty, and unspeakable danger.

The Sound Of another Time

Be entranced by the authentic, original score crafted by award-winning composer John Robert Matz! Enjoy a sweeping musical journey that will take you from the class and sophistication of fashionable string quartets, to the grandeur of the orchestra of the late baroque.

History Isn’t Guaranteed

Just like your character, you don’t always know what’s going to happen next. Critical moments from history may end differently in each playthrough, making each game truly unique and requiring you to always stay on your toes!


Ambition - A Minuet in Power - Demo.zip 689 MB


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this sounds so fun 


It's a very intriguing start to be sure! Even with the protagonist's adventure just beginning, the game already feels quite multi-faceted. 

I'll be on the lookout for future updates. 


First comment UwU. Also, I think ur game is great! I love the graphics and characters! This game is truly blessed with the power of UwU's and OwO's